Streamloots Secures Funding From Creative Investment Club

Streamloots, a company providing technologies to enhance engagement and monetization of livestream audiences, today announced that it received additional funding from Creative Investment Club. The fund is a syndicate of content creator investors and was co-founded by popular YouTuber, Caspar Lee, and fund manager, Sasha Kaletsky. The round also includes participation from fund members and notable YouTubers Memeulous and WillNE. The capital infusion will be used to fuel the company’s user growth and development of new service offerings, with the aim of enabling content creators to establish and build their own businesses. The company has raised a total of $7.2 million thus far.

“We created a new revenue stream for livestreamers based on real-time interactions with their audience, and that model has proved increasingly valuable to both creators and their fans,” states Alberto Martínez Guerrero, CEO of Streamloots. “Creative Investment Club, and its participating content creators, align perfectly with our vision to help build careers out of livestreaming, especially those who have yet to reach their full potential. This investment validates our approach, and we look forward to building out further functionality as well as new product offerings.”

Streamloots enables livestreamers to monetize and enhance audience engagement through real-time applications. The core service provides livestreamers with customizable interaction cards that they create for their fans to purchase and redeem at any time, bringing the community into the show. Creators have full customization and control of their cards, from the kind of interactions they want to offer, to the probabilities of those interactions. Streamloots is free for content creators to implement by simply registering through the website, plugging in the browser source link into the broadcasting software of choice, and creating and releasing the custom cards to their viewers.

“When I first learned about Streamloots, the concept immediately clicked and I was excited for its potential to help creators like myself make more money, build their businesses, and offer something fun for viewers,” said Casper Lee, YouTuber and co-founder of Creative Investment Club. “They have a really unique way for creators and their audience to interact, have fun, and create an atmosphere of organic support way beyond the flat donations. They have a solid team in place that I believe can carry this vision forward, and I look forward to seeing what more they can do.”

Streamloots is currently used by more than 50,000 content creators across 20 different countries, who on average see a 500% increase in income when implemented. While currently focused on video game-related content, it can be applied to any industry as a means to increasing audience engagement and loyalty.

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