Streamloots Strong Launches To Increase Access To Mental Health Support Program

Streamloots, a company providing technologies to enhance engagement and monetization of livestream audiences, today announced the launch of a new mental health support initiative, Streamloots Strong. It offers support and subsidized access to the Streamer Mental Health Kit, a program conceived by Streamloots together with Geek Therapeutics founder, Dr. Anthony Bean, and mental health advocate and talk show host, Marie ‘Mxiety’ Shanley. Streamloots Strong is now available to all of its Affiliate and Partner-level live streamers who qualify, while all others are encouraged to learn more about the Streamer Mental Health Kit directly.

“As we worked with more live streamers, we found that many were facing increasing emotional stress, depression, anxiety, imposter syndrome and a myriad of other mental health issues as a result of the demands of their profession,” states Alberto Martínez Guerrero, CEO of Streamloots. “So we collaborated with Mxiety and Geek Therapeutics to create the Streamer Mental Health Kit. It’s now our obligation as Streamloots to take it a step further and make the program even more accessible for the live streamers that we support, standing by our vision to provide the tools they need to build their own business, financially and emotionally.”

Specifically created for live streamers, the Streamer Mental Health Kit includes resources to understanding mental health, why streamers’ own mental health is important, and how they can help viewers understand themselves. The program has a total of more than four hours of video content and includes mindfulness and meditation exercises. It is also expanding with additional content as research continues, offering programs for all who require mental health support, professionals and non-professionals alike.

“Mental health is an issue that is deeply important to me, and knowing where and how to find real help is half the battle,” adds Marie ‘Mxiety’ Shanley. “Whether streaming is a hobby or your full-time job, I believe that the Streamer Mental Health Kit is an important resource that will make a positive difference in your life.”

“I commend Streamloots for taking the initiative to not only support the conception of the Streamer Mental Health Kit, but to also harness the power of its growing business to make it more accessible to its network of live streamers,” says Dr. Anthony Bean, founder of Geek Therapeutics. “We look forward to continued collaboration with Streamloots in this and future programs.”

Geek Therapeutics is a network of mental health professionals who train parents, students, clinicians, social workers, geek culture fans, and gamers on how to use Geek Therapy to unlock the best version of themselves and others. It bridges the gap between geeks and therapists with practical and innovative therapy sessions, using the psychology of geek cultural interests like video games, comic books, movies, tv shows, Dungeons and Dragons, anime, and more, to improve oneself and others around them.

Streamloots Strong will continue to expand and evolve in other areas of health and career support in the future as the needs of its live streamer network take shape.

To learn more about Streamloots Strong, visit

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