Suba Games & Join Forces to Raise Money for Combat Veterans

Reddit charity campaign features user photo contest incorporating characters from Global Adventures game

Suba Games and military video game charity are teaming up to promote a special Reddit contest where users manipulate photos to “place” characters from the MMO Global Adventures in real-world locations. A multiplayer epic where players go on action-packed treasure hunts together while facing zombies, vampires, and ancient gods, Global Adventures’ polished visuals and intense gameplay are sure to turn heads in 2018.

To participate in the Reddit contest, users will be asked to submit a photoshopped image containing any of the selected game’s characters against an environment located anywhere in the world. Wicked Interactive will be donating $1 to per submission up to $5,000. Some of the submissions will have a permanent place on the Global Adventures website and random billboards within the actual game!

“We identify with’s mission. It’s an honor to join forces with such an outstanding organization,” says Sam Ho, director at Wicked Interactive. “We hope our donation will help make it that much easier for to be of assistance.”

“Games are more than entertainment,” says Stephen Machuga, founder of “They offer a window to the world and bind us together like few other art forms do. We’re grateful for the support of Suba Games and Wicked Interactive!”

Participating Sub-Reddits

  • /r/freetoplaygames
  • /r/Gaming4Gamers
  • /r/IndieGaming
  • /r/LetsPlayMyGame
  • /r/MMORPG
  • /r/pcgaming
  • /r/playmygame

Submission Guidelines

  • Contest ends Friday, January 5, 2018
  • Submissions consist of photoshopped images containing any of the characters in Global Adventures set against real-world locations.
  • One submission per person per day.
  • Images submitted must include one or more of the characters provided.
  • All content MUST be original work.
  • No NSFW art will be accepted.
  • Please stay true to the theme.
  • Submit as a comment in the main thread.

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