Submissions is proud to support its fan base by featuring fan submitted events, videos, articles, streams, artwork, etc on our website! So if your looking to get a boost in promotion by being featured lets get the conversation started! Please read the guidelines before you fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Thank You!

Event Submission Requirements

  1. Must be a gaming related event.
  2. Can be online or at a venue.
  3. Must provide full details and artwork for event.
  4. No nudity, drugs, or racism.
  5. If you cancel your event we must be notified a week in advance.

Video of the Month Requirements

  1. 1080p or higher video quality.
  2. Youtube or Vimeo only.
  3. Clear audio no background noise or feedback.
  4. No nudity, alcohol, drugs, or racism.
  5. All content must be gaming related

Fan Artwork/Photos

  1. 1080p or higher quality.
  2. Include logo, stamp, signature on image.
  3. No nudity, alcohol, drugs, or racism.
  4. All content must be gaming related
  5. Provide link ONLY from

If you would like your stream to be guest hosted on visit Streamers inquiry Page

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