Summoners War Adds All-New Ancient Magic Shop Feature with Limited Edition “Light Ifrit” Monster Now Available

Rare, Limited Edition Character Arrives on the Hit Mobile Game in New Ancient Magic Shop Event

Com2us announced the mysterious monster, “Light Ifrit,” will make a limited appearance in the global hit mobile game, Summoners War for the first time in four years. Summoners War will also be adding the debut “Ancient Magic Shop” feature available today, where players can obtain their very own Light Ifrit.

players can visit the events page to participate in daily missions and earn Ancient Coins, which can be spent in the Ancient Magic Shop on Summoning Pieces. Once players collect 100 pieces of Ancient Coins, they can be used to call forth the mighty Light Ifrit. The special event will also allow players to purchase other items and rewards such as Reappraisal Stones and 6-star Legend Runes.


Light Ifrit has been an enigmatic 5-star monster, since the game’s inception. There have been four different iterations of Ifrit: Water, Fire, Wind and Dark. However, it has remained ambiguous if Light Ifrit would ever see the “light” of day.

More information regarding the in-game special events and the Ancient Magic Shop can be found on the official Summoners War forum.

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