‘Summoners War: Lost Centuria’ Releases Season 4 Update

Today, Com2uS revealed its Season 4 update for Summoners War: Lost Centuria, introducing two new monsters, along with a brand new Goodwill contest, which will allow players to create in-game contests by setting the battle conditions and inviting other players to challenge them for the first time ever.

Enjoy the Latest Season Updates, Participate in 100th Day Anniversary Events and Claim New Monsters Scarab and Belladeon.

Today, Com2uS, the creators of the fantasy RPG franchise Summoners War, has launched the Season 4 update for Summoners War: Lost Centuria, now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The massive real-time strategy mobile game introduces two new Monsters Scarab and Belladeon for players to add in their rosters, along with a brand-new esports-like component called Good Will contest. Additionally, the new season update will include a variety of special 100th day anniversary events in honor of the game’s anniversary, including daily log-in rewards and events.

Goodwill Contest – The latest update introduces a Goodwill Contest, where users can create a contest by setting the battle conditions and inviting other users from the game. Users can configure various settings such as battle mode, number of participants, monster level condition and share the contest with other users in the chat. The organizer of a contest can create matches by inviting certain players to attend. With the introduction of the “Goodwill Contest”, Com2uS also plans to accelerate the revitalization of esports by giving users the pleasure of organizing competitions themselves, while giving spectators the pleasure of watching the matches. A Ban & Pick mode has also been added to allow more strategic gameplay. View the contest in action in a trailer here.

Two New Monsters – Players can now claim two new Hero and Rare monsters and experience adjusted balancing and improved gameplay. The new fire Hero Monster ‘Scarab’ is the first original monster in Lost Centuria and is a Defense type monster that grants a DEF Up effect and a Fortification effect. The Fortification effect consists of inflicting continuous damage to the attacker while continuously recovering HP. Inugami, one of the most popular monsters in Summoners War: Sky Arena, also arrives in Lost Centuria as Belladeon, a light attribute Rare Monster. Belladeon is expected to be very useful as a monster with a skill that recovers all his allies. Check out the latest monsters in the trailer here.

Arena Battle Mode – Players can also experience a new play method for PvP called ‘Arena Battle’ which has been revamped to make the game’s content even more intense. In the previous ‘Arena Battle’ mode, players played a battle with their own deck, however, in the new update, players can choose one from the two given monster cards in order to organize a deck to play. After selecting monsters for the deck, players get to choose skill stones for each grade (from Normal to Legend), boosting the fun of unpredictable strategy battles.

Barrier Battle Mode – Barrier Battle mode has been changed to be applied with skill stone effects.

New Content – In addition, various new content has been added to Lost Centuria. A ‘Glory Token Doubler’ is a new item where players can earn the same amount of Glory Medals generated when converting Glory Tokens into Glory Medals. Players will be able to get 100 Glory Token Doublers a day by completing daily quests. The item can also be obtained from the Magic Shop. Lastly, two new transmogrifications in a summer theme have been added, and four new emojis of Lapis have also been added.

100th Day Anniversary Events:

In honor of the 100th day anniversary of Lost Centuria on August 6, the game will hold a variety of events to celebrate, including a True or False Quiz (pre-event), Summer Vacation Event, and World Showdown Prediction Event.

True or False Quiz – This event will provide abundant gifts through game-related questions. The event, which lasts for a total of 10 days, provides tickets that can be exchanged with gifts ranging from ‘Mystical Books’ to ‘Skill Stone Summon Tickets’ whenever players answer the questions for Day 1 to Day 7. The contents of the quiz will be released in order every day during the event.

Summer Vacation Event – This event will run until August 5, in which players will be able to collect swim tubes by completing daily missions. Three missions are given each day, and daily rewards are provided depending on the number of missions achieved. Players can exchange collected swim tubes for various in-game items such as Mana Stones, Mystical Dust, Legend Cards and more. They can also receive Mystical Books depending on the total number of tubes they’ve collected.

Daily Log-in Event – Players can participate in a special log-in event which will give out 100 Mystical Books to players who log in to the fame for 10 days until August 8. For returning users, a special attendance event will be held to provide Legend Card, Rare Card, Normal Skill Stone Exchange Ticket and more for 7 days. Lost Centuria will also hold an Invite Friend event where users can get a chance to win iPad Pro 11, Nintendo Switch Lite, and more according to the number of friends they have invited through Lost Centuria’s official community.

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