Summoners War: Lost Centuria Season 5 Update Out Today

Today, Com2uS revealed its Season 5 update for Summoners War: Lost Centuria, including two new Monsters, Dias the Death Knight and Galleon the Pirate Captain, for players to claim, as well as a new Summoner Spell ‘Imperfect Revival.’ The update will also introduce the Alliance Battle mode, a variety of content improvements, a new set of emoticons, and added shape transformations

Today, Com2uS, the creators of the fantasy RPG franchise Summoners War, has launched the Season 5 update for Summoners War: Lost Centuria, now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The massive real-time strategy mobile game introduces two new Monsters, Dias the Death Knight and Galleon the Pirate Captain, for players to claim, in addition to a new Summoner Spell ‘Imperfect Revival.’ The new season update will also introduce the Alliance Battle mode and a variety of content improvements, alongside a new set of emoticons and added shape transformations for players to enjoy.

Monster and Spell Updates:

Two New Monsters and Spell – Players can now claim two new Hero grade monsters and a Summoner Spell. First, the new Water monster Galleon is a support type monster who can grant ATK UP on all allies and DEF DOWN on all enemies. Galleon’s skill can have additional effects on opponents, such as increased effect duration time or increased accuracy, according to the skill stones, allowing the monster to be used in various deck compositions. Second, Dias is a Dark attribute monster who can inflict damage and grants Unrecoverable effect on all enemies. The damage increases according to Dias’ MAX HP, and players can build this monster with runes to transform it as a core dealer. Check out the latest monsters in the trailer here.

New Summoner Spell – Additionally, the newly added Summoner Spell ‘Imperfect Revival’ can revive an ally monster that was recently defeated in battle. It has a strong effect that brings back the dead ally monster, which can reverse the battle progress at once. Com2uS has also adjusted the skill stones of some monsters, improving their compatibility in battle.

Season 5 Updates:

Federation War – The new season update will introduce Alliance Battle, in which players gather strength in alliances and obtain various rewards through challenging rivals. League Battle will be held twice a week for 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 players. The Alliance Battle will be conducted according to the schedule for each day of the week, which players can find here. During the application period, each alliance member can express their intention to participate in the Alliance Battle. Additionally, the order of participation in the Alliance Battle is determined by each Alliance member’s Summoner Level and EXP.

Content Improvements – Improvements have been made to the Battle Pass so that an additional 100 mana stones can be obtained for each excess pass point obtained after reaching level 30 of the Battle Pass. Additionally, the pass point reward for Assassin missions has been changed from 20 to 30. The pass point reward for the Extreme Enhancement mission has also been changed from 15 to 20. Improvements to the Magic Shop, Alliances, Cheering and Friendly Tournament have also been made.

Added Shape Transformations – Four new transmog products have been added, including the Elite Witch Megan, Goddess of War Camilla, Band Leader Shannon, and Astrologer Seara.

New Emoticons – Four Soha emoticons have been added. Three types can be purchased from the emoticon shop, and one type can be obtained as a Battle Pass reward.

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