Summoners War: Lost Centuria Season 8 Update Now Live

Today, Com2uS launched its Season 8 update for Summoners War: Lost Centuria, introducing a new Water Hero Monster, Mu Shu, and a brand new Co-Op Battle Mode where Summoners can rally together to defeat difficult bosses. Additionally, players can check out the new “Selective Ancient Summon” method to guarantee to obtain a Monster and hone their skills with the Monster introduced each season using the new level boosting function.

Players Can Claim the New Water Hero Monster, Mu Shu, Battle Together with Friends in the Latest Co-Op Battle Mode, and Use New Summon Method to Obtain Monsters.

New Monster:

Mu Shu – Players can now add Mu Shu, a Water Hero Monster, to their Monster collection. With her “La Vie en Rose” skill, Mu Shu can charge the forefront of enemies and grant a special ability, which increases the damage and harmful effects on opponents. Additionally, her Skill Stone increases the damage of La Vie en Rose by 20 percent, making her a powerful addition to players’ rosters.

Season 8 Updates:

New Co-Op Battle Mode – In the latest update, players will be able to team up with their friends in a brand new Co-Op Battle Mode, working together to find the best strategy to defeat challenging bosses. The new mode will be available during weekends only.

New Summoning Method – A new summoning method called “Selective Ancient Summon” has been introduced. At the start of the season, players can use the Selective Ancient Summon for a week and utilize their Ancient Book or Magic Crystal to proceed. When players select a Hero or Legend Monster and perform a summon, they will be guaranteed to obtain one of the Monsters.

New Level Boosting Function – Players can look forward to a new “Level Boosting” function when new Monsters are released. The update will allow players to use the newly added Monsters in Battle faster and freely test the Skill Stone of the new Monster.

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