Summoners War: Sky Arena Halloween Update Details

With Halloween right around the corner, Summoners War players are in for some real tricks and treat with the arrival of a new spooky monster, fusion combinations, coveted rewards, and ghoulish costumes in Summoners War: Sky Arena.

New Monster “Totemist”: Players can blow away the competition with the chilly new Wind Fusion Monster, Totemist. This 5-star fusion monster uses the power of the mysterious totem to support allies. Unlike other monsters with three skills, Totemist has a special fourth skill that can be used by activating the totem. Though it’s a support monster, Totemist can activate a powerful attack skill when a certain condition is met, showing a variety of charms.

New Monster Fusion Combinations: It’s alive! A total of three new monster fusion combinations have been added; the new monster “Totemist”, “Dryad”, and “Neostone Agent.” Users can acquire Wind Totemist by fusing a default 4-star Wind Dryad, Water Neostone Agent, Fire Vampire, and Wind Griffon. Additionally, a Special Summon that increases the summoning rate of the new monster Totemist will be held at the same time.

Special Event & Mystical Scroll Reward: With all those tricks, Com2uS is giving players a special treat, offering various rewards with the points earned by completing in-game missions such as fusing a default 5-star monster. A bonus event that provides an additional scroll when you use 10 Mystical Scrolls will also be held.

Halloween Items: Players can dress up their monsters for Halloween with a variety of ghoulish new costumes including, “Demon,” “Beat Monk” and “Paladin.” Various Halloween-themed items such as pumpkin candy baskets, masks, and chainsaws will also appear for some added spooky fun!

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