Summoners War: Sky Arena Reveals Season 19 Legend Tournament Winner

Summoners War: Sky Arena has a new Legend Tournament winner! The highly popular mobile RPG franchise and esports title from Com2uS, crowned Swedish player ‘OBABO’ as the winner of its 19th Summoners War Legend Tournament, making him the first European player to win the tournament. As the winner of the online-only, in-game Legend Tournament, OBABO earned a “Legend of the Arena” statue, a coveted award given exclusively to players who achieve the “Legend” status at the end of a season.

OBABO is a veteran player who has represented Europe in the ‘Summoners War’ global esports competition since 2019 and has gained popularity from fans around the globe. He has been recognized for his skills in several world competitions, such as representing Sweden in the Korea-Swedish esports match, which was held in conjunction with the President’s Europe tour in 2019. Now as the winner of the 2021 Summoners War Legend Tournament, any player who visits the winner’s island will be able to recognize that OBABO is a Legend Tournament winner.

During the Summoners War Legend Tournament, OBABO played a reverse game in the semifinals by winning the ban-pick strategy against L&D MONSTER of China, who participated in the last season. OBABO also battled against American competitor TRUEWHALE, the winner of Summoners War Legend Tournament Season 17, and had a thrilling battle.

The Summoners War World Arena Season 19 Legend Tournament was held on December 18th, 2021 and served as the season’s best ranking match of ‘World Arena’, a real-time battle between players. This was the first competition since the 2021 Summoners War Championship (SWC) in November 2021, and many legendary players and tournament participants joined in for the online-only, in-game competition. Caster Kwangwon Choi and influencers Byunja and Yabbi participated as commentators, and the match was live streamed in a total of 12 languages including English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Thai.

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