Surviving the Aftermath Enhances Early Game Features and Adds Livestock

Today Paradox Interactive and Iceflake Studios launched Update 9: First Settlers, the latest content update for Surviving the Aftermath. Update 9 expands the early-game mechanics by starting players with Specialists who establish campsites and form the colony. Additionally, the Tech Tree now includes the ability to build ranches and raise livestock. 

Update 9: First Settlers Key Features:

  • A Fresh Start: Players now start with three Specialists who prepare the camp for colonists. Explore the area, scavenge resources, construct initial buildings, and clear hostile wildlife to create a safe colony. New members will arrive only after one of your Specialists shoots off a signal flare from the new Campsite, letting your other colonists know it’s safe to arrive.
  • Farm to Table: Colonists can research and build a Ranch. This building allows colonists to raise animals like chicken and sheep; however, they must be bought from other Societies first before they can be raised in the colony. In addition to meat, a ranch will provide the colony other products like eggs and wool (used as Fiber).
  • Thrill of the Hunt: Local wildlife can now be harvested for meat, providing another food source for your colony. The bigger the animal, the more meat it’ll yield! Additionally, resources, especially Food, will now decay if left on the ground for too long
  • Road Runner: Colonist movement speeds will increase while on roads, increasing mobility around the colony. Specialists can now build, scavenge, repair, and carry resource boxes.

Surviving the Aftermath is currently available in Early Access on the Epic Games Store and Xbox Game Preview for $19.99 and will be available on Steam Early Access in October. In July, Paradox announced that they purchased Iceflake Studios, making it the publisher’s 9th internal studio.

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