Swearmints is getting published next year!

We can’t hold it in any longer – we are so excited to announce that Swearmints has been picked up by Rampage Games and will be re-published in the Spring of 2021 in a Kickstarter mint tin party bundle, AND it will be getting a deluxe edition!

This is such an exciting development for us, especially during such a tough time. And we are especially pumped to work with Rampage Games (famous for their mint tin games, like the recent Galaxy Dice).

BUT most importantly, what does this mean for you? What if you already own Swearmints?

  • A Re-published Base Game: The new basic edition of Swearmints will look the same, but will have a few added cards, dozens of updated and reworked words, and an actual rules sheet! This version will be entirely SFW and will have a total of 256 words to combine!
  • Swearmints: Black Box Edition: However if you already own Swearmints, you’ll want to go for the Deluxe Black Box Edition! Not only will it include all of the new content above, but the card count will be DOUBLED to 512 words. Oh, and all of the new content will be entirely NSFW. This edition will come in a HUGE black mint tin, have a new spicy cinnamon flavor theme, and include optional drinking game rules and maybe some other goodies!
  • Get a Bundle: You can get the new games individually, or in a discounted bundle with the other game in the pack, Pocket Pixel Artist by Old Coote Games, which will also have updated content and it’s own black box edition.

We’re so excited to finally announce this and bring Swearmints to the next level, and this is all because of you. Thank you for making Swearmints such a hit so far! Stay tuned over the coming months for even more details and a launch date!

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