Swords of Legends Online Celebrates First Halloween with Major Update

An eerie shadow creeps across the land of Shenzhou, marking the spookiest season’s arrival to the visually stunning MMORPG Swords of Legends Online! As part of the consistent massive roll-out of new content – highly requested by the SOLO player community – Gameforge today announces the start of the third thrilling event to come to the game: the Halloween Event!

Pumpkins vs Hunters: Become the hunter or the hunted in an all-new in-game activity! In this 3v3 game of hide-and-seek, players must use their ability to fly and to transform into objects and blend into the environment as pumpkins in order to outwit the hunter team. But fear not – those who take on the role of the hunter won’t be easy to evade, thanks to special long-range attacks and detection skills. The team that manages to stay hidden until the match ends – or when all the pumpkins are uncovered – will receive Halloween Event Tokens that can be exchanged for chilling rewards!

New Costumes and Character Customisations: What’s Halloween without costumes? Bela Lugosi might be dead, but the gothic look, now available in the shop, is alive and well! Buckled underbusts, classic velvet capes, and drapey sleeves, as well as vampiric make-up and character customizations, will turn your legendary hero into a worthy Warrior of the Damned! And if you haven’t had a chance to already, there’s still time to grab the fearsome, horror-themed costumes, accessories, decorations, and items available this month!

Scary New Raid Challenges: Get your adrenaline going and show off your new costumes while beating the new raid difficulties! Following the release of the hard modes for the Ruins of Nuowu and Ice World raids earlier this month, players will now be able to access the Extreme modes starting this week. There, they will find even more difficult encounters to get their hearts pumping harder on All Hallow’s Eve!

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