Synergize Your King of Fighters Allstar Lineup with Lady Goenitz and XV Chizuru Kagura

Netmarble, the renowned developer and publisher of high-quality mobile games, has unleashed an exciting update for the immensely popular mobile action role-playing game, THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR. The latest update introduces two new fighters to the game’s roster – Lady Goenitz and XV Chizuru Kagura. These powerful additions are set to bring a fresh dynamic to your team, with their unique abilities and synergistic qualities. Let’s delve into the details of these new fighters and the thrilling in-game events accompanying their arrival.

Lady Goenitz – Unleash the Power of Synergy

Lady Goenitz, a Yellow element/Balance type fighter, is designed to enhance the performance of your team’s Yellow element fighters. Her Leader Skill increases the ATK (Attack) and Critical Hit Rate of Yellow Element fighters, making her an excellent choice for those seeking to boost the overall strength of their team. Furthermore, her unique skill grants her increased ATK and Finisher Skill DMG (Damage) for a period after utilizing a Blast skill, allowing her to unleash devastating attacks and turn the tide of battle in your favor.

XV Chizuru Kagura – The Cooldown-Reduction Machine

XV Chizuru Kagura, a Red Element/Balance Type fighter, brings a formidable set of skills to the battlefield. Her Leader Skill enhances the ATK of Red Element fighters and Three Sacred Treasure Fighters, empowering them to deal devastating blows to their opponents. Chizuru’s unique skill provides a significant ATK rate increase to her teammates for a specific period after landing an Active Skill while in the Starlight state. Additionally, it reduces the cooldown of all Active Skills with each subsequent Active Skill landed, making her an invaluable asset for reducing skill cooldowns and maintaining a relentless assault.

New Battle Cards for Enhanced Strategies

To further augment the capabilities of Lady Goenitz and XV Chizuru Kagura, a set of new battle cards has been introduced. Lady Goenitz’s battle card increases the Critical Hit Rate for a duration after using a skill, allowing for more consistent and powerful strikes. On the other hand, XV Chizuru Kagura’s battle card amplifies the Critical DMG (Damage) rate of all teammates for a period after using a skill, amplifying their destructive potential and turning battles in your favor.

Exciting In-Game Events Await

The update also brings forth a variety of thrilling in-game events that will test your skills and reward your prowess. The Aegis Challenge introduces a new growth content system that allows players to strengthen their stats through the Aegis system, with strategic use in the Aegis Challenge Dungeon: Mecha Goenitz. By utilizing fighters with enhanced stats, players can earn various rewards in proportion to the damage they inflict.

The Rush Dungeon: Unbreakable Chains offers captivating stories and event stages featuring Lady Goenitz and XV Chizuru Kagura. Completing Rush stages at various levels will grant event coins, which can be exchanged for enticing rewards, including event set cards.

Moreover, players can benefit from the Collection Effect System, which offers additional rewards based on the items they collect in the Collection room. Explore and gather items to unlock the full potential of your team and secure even greater rewards.

With the introduction of Lady Goenitz and XV Chizuru Kagura, THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR has expanded its roster with two formidable fighters who possess unique abilities and synergistic qualities. Strategize your team composition, unleash devastating attacks, and conquer new challenges in the Aegis Challenge and Rush Dungeon events. Take advantage of the new battle cards to enhance your fighters’ capabilities and unlock their full potential.

Check out the previous update here.

Platforms: Android, iOS

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