Battle Charge

Apex Legends – Iron Crown Event

The latest update for Apex Legends is now live on all platforms, and it has brought an excellent addition of content and cosmetic items. With the release of The Iron Crown, there’s now a new in-game e...

9.2 Amazing

Apex Legends — Season 2’s Biggest Surprises

With Apex Legends Season 2 — Battle Charge in the hands of players for a week, the newest additions to the game have been played with, discovered, and accepted. From unexpected map changes to new weap...

9.2 Amazing

Apex Legends — Season 2 Changes and Additions

Apex Legends Season 2 finally releases today (July 2nd, 2019) with an extensive list of new additions, welcomed changes, and anticipated new content! The team at Respawn Entertainment is truly bringin...

9.2 Amazing

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