TERA Console Launches ‘TERA Battle Pass’ Season 3

Battle Pass Season 3 “Sabaha” to be available from September 9th to December 12th, 2021 along with various events that boost users’ grow characters and enchant gear. KRAFTON’s Bluehole Studio an...

‘TERA’ Deploys Largest Content Update of the Year

Today, Gameforge—a leading Western publisher of multiplayer online games such as Swords of Legends Online, Metin2, NosTale, and AION—is pleased to announce the release of one of this year’s largest co...

‘TERA Battle Pass’ Season 2 Coming to Console

New dungeon and equipment system to be added along with TERA Battle Pass Season 2 starting from June 10th, 2021. JUNE 3rd, 2021 KRAFTON’s Bluehole Studio announced its plans to launch TERA Battle Pass...

TERA Console’s Battle Pass Season 1 – FROSTWINTER

TERA Console's first Battle Pass season, TERA: Frostwinter begins! Conquer various missions available to level up your brand new Battle Pass, and be rewarded with over 100 items in total!

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