“Sheeple’s Sequel”, Slime-san’s 2nd Massive & Free DLC, Is Releasing on Steam Feb 5th

Sheeple’s finally lost it! He is convinced that everything’s just part of a giant videogame and that he was coded to simply be a side-character. Which is why he decided to recode himself t...

8.8 Great 7.5 GoodUser Avg

Switch Demo for “Slime-san” Released – Try the Awarded Platformer for FREE

What’s that? You saw Slime-san in the top 25 on metacritic but haven’t played it yet? Well, now’s your chance: Hop on and give our lil’ slime a go with the FREE DEMO – now available on the Ninte...

8.8 Great 7.5 GoodUser Avg

Slime-san’s escape is coming to Nintendo Switch!

Slime-san’s escape is coming to Nintendo Switch! Headup and Fabraz are ecstatic to show off the action-platformer Slime-san on the Nintendo Switch! Jump and slime your way through 100 levels in a uniq...

8.8 Great 7.5 GoodUser Avg

“Slime-san: Blackbird’s Kraken” available on Steam today as a free update and as a stand-alone title

25 new levels! Submarine mode! Boss fight! More secrets! More collectibles! More FUN! Slime-san‘s first major update Slime-san: Blackbird’s Kraken will be released on Steam later today. It...

8.8 Great 7.5 GoodUser Avg

Slime-tastic! Slime-san available today on PC, Mac and Linux

One giant worm, a slimy hero, hundreds of levels, several mini-games and an incredible, all-star soundtrack! Are you ready for a gooey adventure?! Headup Games and Fabraz are oozing with pride because...

8.8 Great 7.5 GoodUser Avg
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