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SMITE – Tutorials – How to Play: Ymir

Get started on the Battleground of the Gods with the SMITE God tutorial for the Norse Guardian Ymir, Father of the Frost Giants. Ymir is one of the free, playable guardians in SMITE.

SMITE – Tutorials – How To Play: Artemis

Get started on the battleground of the gods with the SMITE God tutorial for Artemis, the Greek Goddess of the Hunt. Artemis is one of the free, playable hunters in SMITE.

SMITE – The New Grim Omens Event Begins!

A new event begins in SMITE that will follow the story of the next two god releases. Dark times are approaching in the SMITE universe as Yggdrasil withers away from Persephone’s failed plan. Mulan is ...

God Reveal – Mulan, The Ascendant Warrior

Introducing the newest god to join the battleground - Mulan, The Ascendant Warrior. Available in the "The Ascendant Warrior" update in SMITE.

Hi-Rez Studios Donates $1 Million to Child’s Play Charity

Hi-Rez Studios and the passionate player communities of its games SMITE and Paladins have now surpassed $1 million in donations to Child’s Play Charity, after a new $419,446 donation. “We love that ou...

SMITE – Top 5 Plays #196

Here are this weeks Smite Top 5 Plays!

Paladins – Launch Trailer | PS4

Join 25+ million players in Paladins, the free-to-play fantasy team-based shooter sensation. Play free now in the open beta, and join us for the official launch on May 8, 2018!

5 New Things in SMITE!

Haven’t checked out SMITE in awhile? Here are 5 new things that make this season better than ever!

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