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Valheim Now Live on Xbox Consoles and Xbox Game Pass

Today, Coffee Stain Publishing and Iron Gate are raising their tankards to celebrate the arrival of the brutal Viking survival game Valheim on Xbox consoles! What’s more, Xbox Game Pass subscribers no...

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Valheim Xbox and Game Pass Release Details

Coffee Stain Publishing and Iron Gate are excited to announce that their indie Viking survival game Valheim will be released on Xbox consoles and available on Xbox Game Pass on March 14th. In less tha...

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New Animated Trailer Sends You Off Into the Valheim’s Mistlands

Mistlands is Valheim’s largest biome to date and brings a wide variety of new additions. First and foremost, a new magic system is being introduced. Vikings can now harvest eitr, an ancient essence fo...

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Valheim Mistlands Update Gameplay Reveal, Public Testing Now Live

The Viking survival phenomenon clears the fog around its biggest update yet with a new biome, combat system, boss, and a gameplay trailer packed with content that’s not to be mist! Coffee Stain and Ir...

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Coffee Stain Launches Mountain Update Valheim Brings New Frost Caves, Enemies, Resources and Armour

Valheim, the brutal Viking survival game by Coffee Stain and Iron Gate Studio, has launched a content update for its snowy Mountain biome that brings new enemies to defeat, resources to gather and mys...

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Valheim’s Developers Reveal Mistlands andFuture Updates

Iron Gate Studio, the developers behind the hit Viking game Valheim, has just shared a new developer blog post discussing Mistlands and the team’s plans for the coming months. Here’s a short overview ...

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Valheim Hearth & Home Update 1 Goes Live, New Gameplay Preview

Coffee Stain and Iron Gate Studio have just launched Valheim’s first content update Hearth & Home. The new update brings a wide variety of gameplay reworks system overhauls, item additions, and co...

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Valheim Reveals First Content Update Hearth & Home

‘Tis the time to feast and celebrate! Coffee Stain and Iron Gate Studio have just revealed Valheim’s first content update, titled Hearth & Home, which will be launching on September 16th, 2021! Co...

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Valheim Lines Out Update Roadmap Set to Launch Q3 2021

Since its launch Valheim has welcomed millions of players from across the world with the team making it its priority to ensure the gaming experience is as stable as possible. That being said, the new ...

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Valheim Review – PC

Valheim came out of the gate swinging in all aspects, Purchases, Positive player views and a tremendous value for money spent. Valheim itself is utterly gorgeous with cost in mind, as of today I have ...

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Valheim breaks 4 Million Copies Sold on Steam

In just a few weeks on Steam Early Access, Valheim sold more than four million units and attracted the fifth highest peak concurrent player base in Steam history. I would expect nothing less from the ...

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Valheim Surpasses 3 Million Units Sold in 16 Days

Coffee Stain Publishing and Iron Gate Studio are pleased to reveal that Valheim has sold more than three million units in just 16 days on Steam Early Access. The viking invasion continues unabated as ...

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