Kin of the Stained Blade | Spirit Blossom 2020 Cinematic – League of Legends

Not forgiven. Not forgotten. See the story of brothers torn asunder.

SMITE – Update Highlights – Mid-Season

The Mid-Season Update is finally here! Check out the new skins and SMITE x Avatar Battle Pass, including Aang Merlin, Zuko Susano, Korra Skadi, and more!

SMITE – Mid-Season Update – Dev Talk

Join the Titan Forge Devs as they go over specific changes to the Mid-Season Update!

Conqueror Nautilus | Skin Trailer – League of Legends

Pick up Conqueror Nautilus and a portion of the revenue will be shared with Spring Split Champions from around the world. Available July 9 1:00 PM PT - Aug 6 1:00 PM PT.

Arcanist 2020: The Unlikely Companions | Official Skins Trailer – League of Legends

Join Zoe and Kog'Maw as they journey through a magical world and confront the dark wizard, Shaco.

Beyond the Garden | Lillia Champion Teaser – League of Legends

With the arrival of the Spirit Blossom Festival, a magical fawn musters the courage to venture out and uncover the mystery behind her ailing forest.

SMITE – Avatar Battle Pass – Available July 2020!

Join Zuko, Aang, and Avatar Korra on the Battleground of the Gods with the Avatar Battle Pass! Available July 2020 in SMITE!

High Noon 2020: Face Your Demons | Official Skins Trailer – League of Legends

Hell hath no fury like this. Stand off with Legendary High Noon Senna and High Noon Irelia, now available in the League store.

SMITE – Update Highlights – The Great Dreamer

Awaken from the deep in The Great Dreamer Battle Pass - Available Now! With the new God Cthulhu, Cthulhu Arena Map, Sin of Greed Fafnir, Miss Senshi Bellona, Striking Machina Ymir, and more!

Coming to the Nexus – New Hero, Mei, Nexomania Returns and a new Nexus Anomaly!

It’s starting to heat up in the Nexus this summer to celebrate the Heroes of the Storm 5th Anniversary with a brand-new hero and fan-favorite event and a new Nexus Anomaly! NEW HERO: Get ready t...

Mei Spotlight

Lured by her inquisitive nature and a trail of bizarre climate phenomena, world-famous scientist Mei-Ling Zhou stumbled upon the Nexus and was soon enlisted in the fearsome battles that raged within. ...

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