Heavy Metal Machines Announces Metal League Five To Start This Month with Cash Prize

After the success of Metal League’s first editions, which were held in the European and South American servers respectively, the players of Heavy Metal Machines (HMM), a car battle MOBA developed by t...

Heavy Metal Machines’ Season 5 brings the destruction to Rockaway Beach

Heavy Metal Machines is ready to let players enjoy the summer vacations having a good time on the beach… by ripping each other to shreds in high-octane deadly combat! Season 5: Rockaway Beach is now l...

Heroes of the Storm: MechaStorm II and Chen rework

MechaStorm II reactivate! The Xenotech invasion, led by Mecha Malthael, threatens the Nexus once again with the goal of destroying Neo-Stormwind. Heroes of the Storm players can stand together with Me...

Empress of the Elements | Qiyana Champion Teaser – League of Legends

The people of Ixaocan celebrate her prowess. The world is next.

Mordekaiser Gameplay Preview | League of Legends

The Iron Revenant is back from the afterworld. Ready to conquer the land of the living, he consumes the souls of his enemies, gaining their strength and giving them Death.

Heavy Metal Machines’ eSport championship with cash prizes arrives on South American servers

Get ready to start your engines for a new Heavy Metal Machines tournament with cash prizes beginning this Saturday (25th). This new edition of the Metal League Championship will take place in the Sout...

Yuumi Champion Spotlight | Gameplay – League of Legends

Paw, claw, heal, and cuddle. The Magical Cat bops them all! Napping on the shoulders of new friends, Yuumi and her best friend Book are on a quest to find her Master. She stays attached to allies or h...

Who will advance to the Knockout Stage? | 2019 Mid-Season Invitational Groups Day 5 Tease

It’s the last day of the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational Group Stage and Phong Vũ Buffalo, Flash Wolves, and Team Liquid will fight to clinch the final Semifinals spot. Who will take it? Watch the final ...

SMITE – Top 5 Plays #196

Here are this weeks Smite Top 5 Plays!

10 reasons why you should play Heavy Metal Machines

In the crowded MOBA genre, the vehicle combat game Heavy Metal Machines has managed to find it’s enthusiastic fanbase. The game grips newcomers with it’s adrenaline-fueled action – as they battl...

Battlerite Royale Goes Free-to-Play!

The wait is over as today the anticipated MOBA and battle royale hybrid, Battlerite Royale, moves out of Steam Early Access into its free-to-play launch at 6:00 PM CET / 9:00 AM PST. For this occasion...

5.5 Average 5.7 AverageUser Avg

Kayle and Morgana: The Righteous and the Fallen | Champion Gameplay Trailer – League of Legends

Two sisters born from the Aspect of Justice chose divergent paths. Only the guilty need fear them.

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