Rifter Review – Steam

Rifter is a fast-paced platformer developed and published by IMakeGames. The first level opens with the player dropping into a retro-esque computerized world from the 80’s. Soon after the player is gr...

8.8 Great 9.1 Amazing User Avg

Pode on Switch

Pode, translated from Portuguese to English, means “You can.” These two little words truly encompass what this game is about. Pode is developed/published by Henchman & Goon and is based on an unus...

5.4 Average 5.7 Average User Avg

MachiaVillain PC Review

Ever wonder what it would be like to actually be the bad guy? To have your very own minions at your beck and call to do your bidding? To build a huge mansion, complete with laboratories, bedrooms, kit...

6.4 Fair 6.5 Fair User Avg

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Switch Review

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, developed and published by Prideful Sloth, is a cute and care free third person adventure, exploration game that draws the player in with a beautiful, cell shaded...

6.8 Fair 7.1 Good User Avg

The Juice on Juicy Realm

Welcome to the weird and wonderfully wacky world of the top down shoot ‘em up that is Juicy Realm, developed by SpaceCan and published by X.D. Network Inc. The player moves through varying and interes...

7.4 Good 7.3 Good User Avg

Haimrik PC Review

Haimrik is a 2D Puzzle adventure game staring a young scribe by the name of Haimrik. While in his study under the local tavern, Haimrik discovers a magic book that when written in with his own blood t...

6.6 Fair 7.1 Good User Avg

MotoGP 18 Review

MotoGP 18, developed and published by Milestone S.r.l., is the latest installment in the superbike racing simulation following the MotoGP racing circuit. This year the game’s engine has been upg...

8 Great 7.6 Good User Avg

The Painter’s Apprentice PC Review

I’m not quite sure what I was expecting when I started playing The Painter’s Apprentice on PC, but it seemed like a fun concept and had lots of potential. I feel overall that the game was fun, b...

7.6 Good 7.3 Good User Avg

Ghostory Review

Ghostory, developed and published by RigidCore Games, is a puzzle solving video game for those of us with more evolved problem solving skills. At first it might come across like a simple platformer wi...

6.1 Fair 7.4 Good User Avg
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