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Frost Giant Studios Raises $4.7M to Build a Real-Time Strategy Game, Led by Blizzard Veterans Tim Morten and Tim Campbell

Frost Giant Studios, a new independent game development studio, announced today it raised a $4.7M seed round, led by BITKRAFT Ventures, with participation from 1 Up Ventures, GC Tracker, Riot Games, a...

LEC at Worlds 2020 – Play-ins and Groups (Gameplay Montage)

Check out some of the best plays of the #LEC teams at the #Worlds2020 Play-in and Group Stage!

Riot Games Announces ‘League of Legends: Wild Rift’ Regional Open Beta

Riot Games, the developer and publisher of League of Legends: Wild Rift, today revealed that Wild Rift is entering its first Regional Open Beta starting October 27 (PT) in Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, ...

Seasonal Tournaments Overview | Legends of Runeterra

The apex of competition in Legends of Runeterra. Exclusively for the best of the best. And supported fully in-game. 1024 players on each server shard will be able to compete for pride, glory, and a ca...

New Expansion: Monuments of Power | Legends of Runeterra – Call of the Mountain

Seek what makes you strong. Play the new expansion: Monuments of Power now

Shyvana Showcase | New Champion – Legends of Runeterra

Fight fire with fire… and dragon with dragon. Play Shyvana on October 14 with the new expansion: Monuments of Power.

The Starry-Eyed Songstress Seraphine Is League of Legends’ Newest Champion

Runeterra’s premier idol is taking the stage in League of Legends starting October 29, 2020. A talented musician and empathetic performer from the thriving city of Piltover, Seraphine uses her m...

Soraka Reveal | New Champion – Legends of Runeterra

Call on the stars, and she will answer. Play Soraka on October 14 with the new expansion: Monuments of Power.

Skye // Agent Reveal trailer – VALORANT

The pack leader is on your tail. Heal your allies and tear down your foes as Skye on October 27.

Lane Kingdom: Meet Knight’s Syndra

On this episode of Lane Kingdom, we take a look at Top Esports’ Knight and his stunning Syndra mechanics and positioning, ahead of his debut on the Worlds stage.

The Penta – Worlds | Like Fish in a Barrel

Legacy Esports plays Smite fight in the Baron Pit, Jensen chains kill after kill with Sylas, and Nomanz channels the Void Walker in the ultimate escape.

Meet the Teams (Play-Ins) | Worlds 2020

Meet the teams that will be competing during the Play-In Stage at Worlds 2020. Ten teams will compete, but only four will advance to the Group Stage.

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