PAC-MAN Comes to Minecraft! – Nintendo Switch

The legendary arcade classic PAC-MAN comes to Minecraft! WAKA-WAKA your way through a-mazeing 3D maze madness!

The Good Life – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

This is a mid-sized, open-world game packed with bizarre elements and game mechanics for you to enjoy. The player becomes a journalist from NYC, "Naomi," and heads to research Rainy Woods, the world's...

Fuse News Ep. 64: New Balance Patch!

There’s a new balance patch in town, and it’s changing a few popular units! Plus, a new tool to help counter popular Guild War defenses!

Lust for Darkness returns to Nintendo Switch. Dawn Edition coming soon

Lust for Darkness appeared on Nintendo Switch last year and shortly after that vanished from American eShop due to ESRB concerns. The game occurred to be too strong, even for a mature American audienc...

Rack n’ Ruin is coming to Nintendo Switch today!

Rack n’ Ruin is coming to Nintendo Switch today, 13th of March 2020 and is available for 12.99$ at Nintendo eShop The Dark Master Ruin just wants to conquer every world, but Rack makes a dash th...

Langrisser I & II – Launch Trailer | PS4

Two timeless tales of light and darkness come together in Langrisser I & II! Celebrate the 30 year legacy of this classic strategy series, and forge your own dynamic, choice-driven story experience ac...

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