Telefrag VR

The futuristic arenas are now open. Prove your worth and join the frag fest for epic duels! Telefrag VR launches today on PC VR and PS VR.

You know there’s no escape and you’ll face death sooner or later. True gladiators, however, never surrender without a fight. So, if you’re about to enter the arena, you may as well make sure that the ...

Telefrag VR, a competitive multiplayer shooter by Anshar Studios, is set for release on July 19th this year. Get a taste of nostalgia while crushing your enemies in virtual reality!

Prepare for the VR experience of your life. As a gladiator, your mission is to live short – but die gloriously. Choose between Flak Cannon, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Rifle, Laser Pistol or Particle Cann...

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