The Penta

The Penta – Worlds | Final Showdown

Canyon calls in the assist from Baron Nashor, Damwon Gaming goes for the kill in a relentless pursuit, and Bin makes history with the first Worlds Pentakill. Congratulations to Damwon Gaming.

The Penta – Worlds | Dare to Damage

Jackeylove proves the Prodigal Explorer of damage-dodging strats, SofM takes the Triple Kill so Suning can snag the Ace, and Caps fires an awe-inspiring arrow against Gen.G.

The Penta – Worlds | Like Fish in a Barrel

Legacy Esports plays Smite fight in the Baron Pit, Jensen chains kill after kill with Sylas, and Nomanz channels the Void Walker in the ultimate escape.

The Penta – Top Plays | The Perfect Moment

Bjergsen takes the fight to the team with Azir, Clozer claims the Ace, and LvMao tempers fate with a beautiful Bard ult.

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