The Valiant

Command Your Forces in The Valiant on Console: New Controller Trailer and Steam Summer Sale

A new real-time strategy (RTS) game is making its way to consoles, offering players an opportunity to command their forces with ease and outmaneuver their enemi...

The Valiant

Unleash Your Inner Warrior: The Valiant, a Medieval RTS, to Make its Mark on PlayStation and Xbox in July

Prepare to be transported to a world where darkness looms and heroes rise to face the unspeakable. The Valiant, an immersive real-time strategy game set in the ...

The Valiant

Draw Your Sword The Valiant is Out Now for PC

The world is facing untold evil and suffering. A former crusader, Urlich von Grevel has found a piece of a mysterious artifact – the Rod of Aaron. Corrupt...

The Valiant

Latest The Valiant Trailer Showcases Co-Op Mode

Join forces in the ultimate co-op challenge “Last Man Standing” game mode, utilize your hero’s abilities and talents, beware of the enemy̵...

The Valiant

New Companion Video Showcases Playable Heroes of The Valiant

A knight needs his sword to fight with, his armor to protect him, his horse to ride on – and loyal companions to rely on. The latest trailer is a showcase...

The Valiant

Action RTS The Valiant Revealed Today

“Thou shalt champion the forces of Justice and Prevail against Evil” is the 10th commandment of chivalry – and what drives Theoderich von Akenburg, ...

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