Take A Deep Dive Into The Story And Soundtrack of Upcoming Release Wavetale

New Wavetale Developer Videos Take A Deep Dive Into The Story And Soundtrack Ahead Of PC & Console Release.

Before the mysterious action-adventure Wavetale splashes onto PC, PlayStation, and Switch on December 12th, and then Xbox the following day, Thunderful released a series of videos explaining the heart-warming story of Wavetale and the beautiful soundtrack that accompanies it.

In the first video, we meet the narrative lead and co-writer, Alexandra as they talk about Wavetale being their first full-time project as a writer and how the player can expect to experience a moving story about loss and reconciliation. The second video introduces us to soundtrack composer Joel as they talk about their intentions and inspirations for creating the dynamic and melody-driven music featured in Wavetale. The Wavetale soundtrack will be available for streaming on December 16th.

In the third and final video, we meet Ellinor, concept and 2D artist for Wavetale. Ellinor talks about her inspirations for the art style of Wavetale such as the quirkiness of Adventure Time and Jamie Hewlett’s Gorillaz. Doris, Sigrid’s Grandmother, is a character that Ellinor is especially proud of designing and can’t wait for players to experience all of the hard work that has gone into making Wavetale.

In Wavetale, you begin your adventure in the open sea and the decaying archipelago of Strandville where you meet teenage girl Sigrid, who lives on this small island with her stern grandmother. Sigrid befriends an enigmatic shadow that provides her with the power to walk on water and allows her to uncover the well-kept secrets of this mysterious aqueous land.

Wavetale will be available on PC, PlayStation, and Switch on Monday, December 12th, and will reach Xbox the following day, Tuesday, December 13th.

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