Cybershoes GmbH creates an affordable and easy to use VR accessory that adds layers of immersion to any VR experience by letting players control their movement by actually using their legs, feet

Virtual reality enthusiasts can step into new worlds like never before with the introduction of Cybershoes®, (https://www.cybershoes.io/ ), an affordable, innovative VR accessory that is worn on your feet, and allows you to literally walk, run or flee through virtual reality, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 12-14, 2018. (Booth #2355)

The Cybershoes are strapped directly onto your feet, and as you are seated in a swivel bar stool, to provide a unique VR journey. The Cybershoes are compatible with any VR game, and function with SteamVR, the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Windows Mixed Reality. With the Cybershoes at your feet, all of your moments are controlled by your own physical movement, so you can feel like you’re exploring ancient dwarven ruins or fleeing from a grasping horde of the undead.

“VR is an endless space, but you cannot walk in it,” said Michael Bieglmayer, inventor and CEO of Cybershoes GmbH. “The Cybershoes are the solution to that problem, as they allow you to walk in virtual reality, and enhance your immersive experience by letting players control their gameplay through natural movement, and it can be used by anyone with a VR system and a swivel bar stool.”

Cybershoes benefits and features include:

  • Affordability — The Cybershoes are highly affordable to anyone who already owns their own VR setup.
  • Easy Setup – The calibration and linking to your VR rig is incredibly simple and getting ready to play is as easy as sitting in your favorite swivel bar stool and strapping on the Cybershoes to your feet.
  • Advanced Immersion Through Natural Movement – The Cybershoes are able to immerse players in the experience by letting them control their in-game movement by actually walking in place. The player is his video game character.
  • The Apex of Usability and Low Price – The Cybershoes offers a VR movement product in term of accessibility and price that is not matched in the industry. Most VR movement accessories are extraordinarily expensive, as well as have enormous space and power requirements and professional installation and setup, well beyond the average consumers’ means.
  • A Gamut of Compatibility and Functionality — The Cybershoes are compatible with any Steam application that utilizes touchpads or motion controllers, as well as Microsoft Mixed Reality via the Steam platform and any application that supports gamepad, such as Sketchup, Autodesk Revit, Enscape, and Robot Studio.
  • More Uses Beyond Gaming — The Cybershoes benefits go beyond gaming as it can be employed in training and planning for industrial facilities, physical rehab programs for the elderly, and architecture and construction previews.
  • Thoroughly Tested — The Cybershoes has already undergone testing with more than 2,000 individual users.
  • Directional tracking is inside device – Has small footprint.
  • Tracking is analog technology – Accuracy high, small steps, fast steps.
  • Ducking and picking up objects – Made possible with a gentle exaggeration of up and down movement.
  • Fitness Gaming – Offers balance through providing less stress and fitness as you play.
  • Sole of Cybershoes – The sole of the Cybershoe has been developed in a special way that people can perform a walking movement while being half-way seated. So, as you play using the Cybershoes, your brain perceives that you’re standing and not sitting when you explore a different world.

Bieglmayer explained, “The brain seems to be tricked not only by the perception of eye-height as standing but also by the legs that tell – you are walking.”

Bieglmayer was inspired to start his company after seeing the ongoing growth and innovation in the VR industry and sought to innovate his dream of walking through a virtual reality world.

“Cybershoes is more than a company. It is the movement. We call it #VRevolution18 -it is ultimate freedom. There is a virtual reality out there and now you can step into it. We make the shoes for walking,” Bieglmayer said

He said factors driving the VR industry’s peripheral growth include:

  • The VR market is expected to rise from 27 billion USD in 2018 to 209.2 billion in 2022
  • As the market for virtual reality increases so will demand auxiliary VR devices that augment the player experience
  • There are no other VR movement devices that are targeting the consumer market, all movement controllers are prohibitively expensive

Before shifting his attention towards developing Cybershoes in recent years, Bieglmayer studied architecture, worked as a set design assistant at the New York theaters La Mama, the Public Theater NYC. In 1999, he co-founded the artist group Assocreation, producing digital interactive works for the Ars Electronica, the Biennal of Valencia, Europalia Brussels, MachineRAUM Denmark, National Art Center Tokyo, FILE Festival São Paulo  among many more.

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