Talon Strikes Studios’ New Cold War Intelligence Agency Boardgame “Shadow Network” 80% Funded

Talon Strikes Studios expand their tabletop gaming offerings with another new launch called “Shadow Network”. This midweight euro game set in Cold War1960 explores the dark shadows where agencies are gathering intelligence on anything and everything they can to turn an advantage. However, where one agency thinks they have exclusive access on intel, leaks within the network cause information to spill around the world. Shadow Network asks the questions “Which agency will be able to gather enough intel on their high profile targets and at what costs?” and at the end of the game “Who will have built the best Shadow Network?” 

Shadow Network is a worker placement style game where players are deploying their agents around the globe collecting fragments of intel. These fragments are then promoted to an actionable state that can be used against a high profile target and earning players influence — the currency in the game. As the players gather intel from a city, intel is also leaked to other cities thereby potentially helping other agencies. Additional agents can be deployed, but at a cost. Furthermore, handlers can assist with exchanging intel thereby giving the agency the leg up. At end of four rounds of play, agencies will bribe their high profile targets for more influence. In the end the player with the most influence is the winner.

    • Theme: Cold War Agents
    • Number of Players:1 to 5 Players
    • Playing Time:60 minutes
    • Ages:10 and up
    • Core Mechanics: Worker Placement, Resource Management, Off Turns

Talon Strikes Studios pride themselves on creative innovation, stunning designs, original concepts and commitment to their mission of diversity, inclusivity and representation. The whole statement that can be read on www.talonstrikes.games describes the company’s commitment to inclusivity in seeking out BIPOC designers, collaborators and content creators while building inclusive business partnerships and taking care with representation in design. The studio also take part in events which are inclusive, support new designers and provide opportunities for Talon Strikes to Mentor and support new designers during these events they actively seek out BIPOC designers. The statement closes out with Talon Strikes accepting responsibility to provide inclusion for all races, creeds, genders, sexual orientations and ages.

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