Tamer Class Now Available in Free Update to Black Desert

A free update is now available in Black Desert on Xbox One, adding the Tamer class to the open-world action MMORPG. Tamer brings a unique playstyle to the game with her loyal companion Heilang, a divine beast used in combat. Together, Tamer and Heilang deliver powerful AoE damage while remaining mobile and elusive from enemy counter-attacks.

With a wild past and upbringing, Tamer brings fierce skills in combat alongside the use of Heilang. Completely synchronized, Tamer can command Heilang through her skills:

  • Summon Heilang – At level 20, the Tamer can summon Heilang. Heilang will join you in battle and deal damage to enemies. The Tamer can also command Heilang to perform certain actions.
    • Attack – Command Heilang to attack nearby enemies
    • Stay – Command Heilang to wait for your next instruction
    • Follow – Heilang will stop what is doing and come back
    • Sit – Heilang will sit/lie down, allowing Tamer to recover HP
  • Void Lightning – This skill will draw enemies together while flinching them. If Heilang is already summoned, he will unleash his fury dealing even more damage.
  • Heilang: Roaring – This skill deals massive area of effect damage emanating from Heilang. Use this in combination with void lighting to finish off even the toughest opponents.
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