Taxi Chaos Collects Digital Pre-order & Drops Off New Screenshots and Feature List

As Taxi Chaos will hit PlayStation 4™, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch™ in just a few weeks, Lion Castle and GS2 Games are excited to share a first look at the crazy fun gameplay in some new gameplay screenshots. The digital pre-orders are now also open for all wannabe cabbies on Nintendo Switch™ and Xbox One – and we share a full list of the features in Taxi Chaos.

“It has been two decades since we saw a new game focused on the adventures and excitement of taxi games. With Taxi Chaos we set out to create a throw-back dedicated to the amazing and memorable classics”, said Jorden Stocx, Lead Game Designer of Taxi Chaos. “Of course, this is not a direct sequel to the classics, however, we hope that players will welcome Taxi Chaos as a fresh and modern take on this long-lost genre.”

Discover the full list of features below:

  • Explore and master the streets of the immense and vibrant New Yellow City.
  • Discover the best routes to speed up and maximize your fares! Want to get faster? Jump over other cars or on top of buildings!
  • Go hard! Go crazy! The more risk you take and the crazier you drive, the higher your rewards!
  • Break the rules in seven extreme rides: from the iconic yellow cab to a full-blown muscle car! Earn enough to complete your collection.
  • Get to know various bizarre passengers through hilarious and fully voiced conversations! Pick up a hipster, plumber, rockstar, an alien, and many more!
  • Smash through mailboxes, streetlights, fire hydrants, or everything else that is in your way! The city is your playground.
  • Test your driving skills in three distinct game modes! Enjoy the classic Arcade Mode, cruise around in Freeroam, or step up for a real challenge in Pro Mode.

Do you want to see more of the chaotic and crazy gameplay for Taxi Chaos? Get a first look in the video from RGT85, or join Lead Designer Jorden Stocx next Tuesday at 8 PM CET / 11 AM PST for a first livestream of Taxi Chaos on the official Lion Castle Twitch channel.

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