Team Spirit Won Dota 2 TI 2021

Dota 2 TI was the biggest eSports event of the year which saw 16 teams participate to take the Grand Aegis Trophy. The main event was live-streamed from the National Arena (Bucharest) with no audience. Even though the event was not open for fans to watch live, those who bought tickets were refunded and had the opportunity to win the Crimson Witness Treasure.

After a long battle among the fiercest teams, PSG.LGD and Invictus Gaming joined the upper group of teams with those from OG, T1, Virtus Pro, Team Spirit, and Team Secret. Although the favorite was PSG.LGD, the winner of Dota 2 TI was no other than Team Secret – the highest-ranked Russian  Dota 2 team.

The Ultimate Clash of Dota 2 TI 2021 Titans. Team Spirit vs. PSG.LGD

OG won the 2018 and the 2019 Dota TI championship in style, but 2021 had new champions, breathtaking matches, ultimate skills, and lots of surprises. OG did not make it to the final battle as many wanted, but PSG.LGD and Team Spirit did. Moreover, the 2021 winner, Team Spirit was the one that eliminated the Dota 2 Titans, OG. Not too many expected this to happen, for as long as OG was always a favorite even in Dota 2 Asian Championships and the previous TI events.

In the final round the favorite Chinese team PSG.LGD competed against Team Spirit. The score was extraordinarily close, and the Russian team, Team Spirit, won 3-2. The active squad formed by Victor Orudzhev, Leonid Vishnyakov, Nikolay Bityukov, Boris Vorobiev, Abdulkhalik Gasanov, and the coach, Nikolay Poluyanov won the Aegis of Champions. Team Spirit claimed the biggest prize ever in esports events at a staggering $18,208,300. Moreover, they also took back the trophy to Eastern Europe after 10 years.

And, when it comes to PSG.LGD even if they lost the battle, the team won a smaller prize of $5,202,400. XinQ, one of the PSG.LGS members stated that the match was rough, intense and at one point his team lost it due to the pressure. Not to mention that the strategies weren’t too well implemented during the match, especially in the fifth game.

XinQ said that “In game 5, I think we were too stressed, our mental strength wasn’t strong enough. I felt it in the game, I didn’t have the courage to break smoke, I felt like they had vision everywhere. We played so passively after the enemy dodged a few of our smoke plays. We didn’t press our advantages when we had it

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Going back to the main Dota 2 TI event of the year, you should know that each match from the beginning to the end was full of surprises, and nobody expected Team Spirit to beat OG in the latter stages. Undoubtedly,  Team Spirit had a better strategy for 2021 and managed to reach the peak when they defeated  PSG.LGD in the final. The winners also shared their thoughts on social media channels and said ”We are the International 10 Champions!!! It was an amazing adventure. We thank you for your support! We wouldn’t be there without you. See you next season!

So, this year found its Dota 2 TI 2021 winners, but no one knows who will win the trophy in the future. Maybe Team Spirit will win again or PSG.LGD may get revenge. Whatever happens, it should be another exhilarating tournament in 2022.


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