Team17 Gamescom 2021 Recap

Updates on a slate filled with first-person shooters, puzzle platformers, role-playing games, and more are revealed at gamescom.

Team17 has confirmed a series of release dates and games at gamescom. Revealed during the Future Games Show was Trepang2, a fast-paced horror first-person shooter heading to Steam in 2022; further highlights included confirmation that adventure roguelike Crown Trick is launching on September 7th, 2021 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, adding to its current availability on Nintendo Switch and Steam; the indie games label also revealed kooky culinary adventure Epic Chef would be arriving in November together with dwarven mining sim Hammerting, which is full launching onto PC on November 16th, 2021.

The announcement continued a flurry of news from Team17, which this week also announced it has added Australian studio Drop Bear Bytes’ isometic role-playing game Broken Roads to its 2022 release schedule alongside Stormind Games’ Batora: Lost Haven. Today’s reveal also confirmed two titles – Honey, I Joined A Cult, and The Unliving – will be launching into Steam Early Access on September 14th and October 26th, 2021 respectively. Also featured was online strategic World War II shooter Hell Let Loose, which will be expanding onto new-generation platforms this autumn, adding to its recent launch on PC. The announcements were made days after the recent launch of Navegante Games’ platformer, Greak: Memories of Azur, on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, as well as PC and Nintendo Switch.

Team17 Presents… full list

  • Greak: Memories of Azur – Navegante Games – Out Now
  • Sheltered 2 – Unicube Games – Coming 21st September 2021
  • Crown Trick – Next Studios – Out Now (PC & Nintendo Switch), Coming 7th September 2021 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
  • Honey, I Joined A Cult – Sole Survivor Games – Steam Early Access, 14th September 2021
  • The Unliving – RocketBrush Studio – Steam Early Access, 26th October 2021
  • Hammerting – Warpzone Studios – Coming 16th November 2021
  • Epic Chef – Infinigon Games – Coming November 2021
  • Hell Let Loose – Black Matter – Out Now (PC), Coming Soon 2021 (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S)
  • Batora: Lost Haven – Stormind Games – Coming 2022
  • Broken Roads – Drop Bear Bytes – Coming 2022
  • Trepang2 – Trepang Studios – Coming 2022
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