Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning Revealed

Riot Games has announced Teamfight Tactics’ newest set titled: Reckoning. This set update brings Teamfight Tactics and its cast of Little Legends into a whole new world rife with chaos and features roster changes, new traits, a new ranked season, and an all-new game mode, Hyper Roll.

TFT’s Reckoning set update brings TFT into a whole new world with roster changes, new traits, a new ranked season, an all-new game mode, Hyper Roll.

Today Riot Games announces Teamfight Tactics (TFT)’s newest set titled: Reckoning. Reckoning launches on April 28th. Based on the ultimate struggle between good and evil, players will battle between these two forces and determine the fate of the world. Reckoning offers a whole new roster complete with new traits, champions, and mechanics.

TFT Reckoning will include the following gameplay changes:

  • All-new Origins, Classes, and Champions
  • A new set mechanic
  • A ranked ladder reset featuring new rewards and recognition
  • An all-new mode: Hyper Roll

TFT will also be introducing TFT Labs which will offer players new and experimental ways to play. The first of these new Labs will be Hyper Roll, which will provide a shorter game session that focuses on a player’s ability to build their ultimate team. Labs will be available for limited times and may cycle out with new modes. However, certain modes may stick around if they are proven to be popular with players.

These additional features will also be available in the new set:

  • Reckoning Pass and Reckoning Pass+ (Free and Paid progression-based features that allow players to unlock personalization content as they play)
  • Thematic interactive arenas that react to the events of your game
  • Themed Booms (Personalized Damage Animations)
  • A new line of revel-themed Little Legends (Personalized Player Avatars)
  • Ranked Rewards for players from the second half of Fates
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