Tech Entrepreneurs Introduce New Interactive Fiction Mobile Game Application

Mythion Games, an Arizona-based game development company introduces its first mobile, interactive fiction fantasy game, Mythion Adventures. The game is multiplayer and built to operate on iOS and Android devices. It is officially available now through the App store.

Co-founder and CEO Kyle Aulerich partnered with Brynn Mountain to develop the new game concept that integrates their shared passion for adventure stories with interactive gaming. Mythion Adventures was inspired by a series of original stories set in the fantasy world of Aulain. Working with a team of talented illustrators and writers, Aulerich and Mountain created a book and game that invite readers and players to immerse themselves and invite friends to join them.

“Mythion Adventures is more than just a game, it’s an interactive fiction experience that allows players to become a part of the story and its characters,” explains Aulerich. “Players will choose their own path and navigate their way through the twists and turns of the journey to overcome dangers they encounter in this fantasy world.”

Mythion Adventures is a subscription-based game that will feature a new adventure and additional content each month. Players can download the app and experience the first adventure for free. To gain access to more adventures and associated content there is a monthly subscription for $6.99. Mythion Adventures can be played solo or with up to two friends that are also subscribers. The game has no ads or in-app purchases. The book is available for purchase separately on Kindle and Amazon.

“I’ve always loved sci-fi fantasy games and wanted to create something that would inspire adventure and give players a connection to the story and its outcome,” says Aulerich. “We are all looking for new ways to connect and Mythion Adventures allows us to escape our everyday lives and connect with others.”

Mythion Adventures allows players to choose their own adventure as a rich cast of characters explores the ancient historic land and encounters a variety of events and creatures. The decisions and actions selected will lead players to the discovery of the malevolent force that threatens Aulain.

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