Tekken 7 Review

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Fighting games are mostly known for their arcade style brawling, but the Tekken series is also known for it’s dramatic story. The cursed bloodline of the Mishima’s is the focus of the story in Tekken 7, and boy does it deliver! There are a lot of different modes to enjoy on or offline. Arcade mode returns, as well as ranked and player matches, but the treasure battle system was where I spent most of my time. Through this system one can unlock customization items, many of which can be used by multiple characters. It is worth noting that some items are character locked and can only be equipped by the intended avatar.

My time with ranked mode was limited since the servers were not working properly on ps4 when the game first launched. At the time of this writing I have fought 25 ranked matches and over 100 player matches. The netcode for this game feels very well written. Latency does not seem as much a factor because if both players don’t have a strong connection, the match will likely not stay connected. I personally appreciate this being an online warrior. Lagging through a fight is no fun at all. If I had one complaint about online ranked, it would be that there was no option for a two out of three rematch. Essentially there is only one rematch allowed, regardless of who wins or loses. Many of my online battles ended in a draw. In a game where dominating the enemy is everything, a draw game can leave a bad taste. The addition of the Rage Arts system means there is always a chance to come back from the brink and made for some epic last minute wins.


Customizing characters is a joy and I spent way more time on this part of the game than I planned to. The system is very user friendly making it easy for anyone to make a few custom costumes in no time. To add to the fun, many of the items are not just for aesthetics. I gave my Akuma a red lightsaber so he could be a Sith, and it can be used in battle with a special command.

The roster is plentiful including the addition of a Street Fighter character: Akuma. The crossover is done well and he fits well into the universe. There will be more characters added through DLC, but the console version already has 3 characters that weren’t in the arcade iteration. Another feature that I am enjoying is the jukebox. This feature allows for standard and customized playlists of all the old Tekken games to be played in the background. It is clear that a lot of time and love was put into this game. There are some unusually long load screens for a modern game, but the game looks so good that I have just accepted it and moved on. Tekken 7 is a gem of a fighter and reminds me of why I got into arcade style brawlers in the first place. There is something here for everyone and tons of content to enjoy.

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