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Have you ever dreamed of setting sail and living the life of a salty sea dog? Ever longed for adventure on open waters, brimming with excitement thinking about what is waiting for you just over the horizon? Then prepare yourself to batten down the hatches and hoist the anchor for some nautical nonsense in Tempest!


Tempest could merely be described as a pirate game, but in reality is so much more. This action RPG is open-world. And when I say open-world, I mean open world. You could literally spend your days sailing from port to port doing little more than exploring the great blue expanse before you. Perhaps you’re after a merchant’s fortune, trading goods all over the world, doing your best to buy low and sell high.



There are two methods methods by which you can reach your destination. The first is by map, and if we have learned anything from travel montages in movies, traveling by map is always faster. This absolutely holds true in Tempest. A custom course can be drawn on the world map, and one must take care not to run your ship aground. That’s right, much like in reality you cannot sail through an island. After plotting your course you instantly become the world’s fastest ship, easily exceeding the speed of the wind that should be carrying your sail. What sorcery is this?!


Second, one can travel under the power of that big beautiful sail. Upon exiting the map view, we find ourselves and our crew amidst mighty swells, ocean spray and the sweet, sweet freedom from society’s restraints. Raise the sails and off you go. You heard me correctly, this is no GTA speed boat and there is no peddle to be pushed to the metal. We are sailing here, people, and that means we are at the mercy of the wind. Some delightful details have been sprinkled over this aspect of the game. Wind direction has a real impact on movement speed, just as it should. Sailing directly into the wind means someone dog paddling alongside your ship will probably pass you by. Clever little flags can be seen on the mast giving you a visual of wind direction, you to adjust your angle.


But let’s get down to brass tacks for a second. Fighting pirate ships is really what we’re all here for right? Well ask and ye shall receive. The open water combat in this game is remarkably satisfying. The movement is a bit slower and more cumbersome than what you find in most modern games, but that’s exactly how it should be. Swinging these big beautiful boxes of gunpowder and loot around and lining up cannons while watching your adversary do the same is exciting. It can put you on the edge of your seat watching their sights creeping closer and closer to your position. Some battles come down to an all-out brawl when you board another ship in an adrenalin-rich pursuit of victory.

If you love nautical games, pirates and open world you may want to ask yourself why you don’t own this game. If you’re looking to branch out and try something new maybe give it a shot. All things considered, this game may very well be what you need to fill the nautical void in your gaming library.

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