Tencent Games Announces From Dusk Till Dawn Release Date for Ring of Elysium

Tencent Games has announced today that the much anticipated From Dusk Till Dawn also known as the night mode will be arriving in their next-gen battle royale game Ring of Elysium on December 22nd. The release date announcement arrived alongside the third and final teaser trailer for From Dusk Till Dawn. The new game mode will feature additional challenges for players including the Sensible Body Temperature System, along with a fully functioning dynamic weather cycle.

From Dusk Till Dawn will require players to team up in squads of four and will start them in close quarters, taking the sprawling map of Ring of Elysium and bunkering players down in a map just a quarter of the size. Dynamic weather brings both challenges and strategic advantages in Ring of Elysium. During From Dusk Till Dawn, players will have to deal with the usual inclement weather, however, Tencent is shaking things up by putting in a full cycle of nasty weather for players and their squads to contend with. In any Dusk Till Dawn match, players will have to brave light snow, heavy snow, as well as the extreme cold to survive the night and claim victory. 

Ring of Elysium

From Dusk Till Dawn also introduces the Sensible Body Temperature system, which players will have to manage if they wish to avoid rapid blood loss. A player’s body temperature will plummet during heavy snow and extreme cold cycles, and to combat it players will have to cook and consume food, as well as huddle next to a fire for warmth.

However, players will only be able to create a single bonfire during a Dusk Till Dawn match, so squads will have to use each of their bonfires wisely. Adding fuel to the fire will increase the rate at which players are able to cook as well as the increase the player’s body temperature.

Small snacks such as bars and canned food will sustain players for a short amount of time, but the most benefit will be gained from cooking food. Cooked food will be a player’s best weapon against the extreme conditions in Dusk Till Dawn and they’ll have to work with the players in their squad to make each fire count. 

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Each From Dusk Till Dawn match will challenge players to survive the duration of a set match time with their squad. Managing body temperature and surviving other players until dawn arrives will mean claiming victory. Similar to standard Ring of Elysium matches having more than one winner, From Dusk Till Dawn will do the same, any player or squad that is still alive once dawn arrives will be counted among the victors for the match.

From Dusk Till Dawn will be coming to Ring of Elysium on December 22nd, and will only be open for a limited time each day. Players can stay up to date on From Dusk Till Dawn by heading to the official landing page. Ring of Elysium is available to play now for free on Steam.

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