Tentworks Interactive Announces City Block Builder Early Access Release Delayed

1950s LA tycoon management game City Block Builder delayed one week on Steam Early Access. Create your own slice of Tinseltown heaven on August 16th!

Tentworks Interactive has had to announce a one-week delay for the Early Access launch of its multi-business management game, City Block Builder. Originally planned to launch on August 9th, 2022 it will now be launching on August 16th on Steam and Xsolla, with pre-orders available on Xsolla beginning August 9th, 2022.

“We apologize for the inconvenience,” said Jay Basani, CEO of Tentworks Interactive. “We thought everything was good to go for August 9th, but then noticed some last minute issues we felt compelled to address. We want to ensure that everyone who buys City Block Builder on Early Access has a good experience with it, and we feel like the current build may not accomplish that. The good news is that it will be a very minor delay, and should still be ready to go on August 16th. Thank you for your patience.”

The full version of City Block Builder will allow you to erect all manner of trades from cinema theatres, to bowling alleys, to jazz clubs, to drive-in theaters, parlors and more. This Early Access launch focuses entirely on the restaurant building portion of the game, but new businesses will be added as free updates between now and the full launch. A future update will add cinemas, allowing you to decide what movies to show and when, as well as the Story/Campaign Mode.

City Block Builder lets you micromanage each business down to every detail, from its layout to its lighting, to ensuring the entrance makes optimal use of foot traffic in your bustling borough! City Block Builder encourages players to find creative solutions to complex problems. Setting up L.A.’s entertainment hub has never been so immersive!

Each detail of City Block Builder is brought to life in glorious detail through hand-drawn art paying homage to the incredible culture of the era. Movies, posters, comic books, and advertisements capture the look and feel of the 1950s with their bold, technicolor palette, dapper outfits, and neat slogans. Even the foliage has been extensively researched to be accurate to the time, changing dynamically with the seasons.

While City Block Builder’s campaign mode will take you from rags to riches as you micro and macro manage each monetary decision, there will also be a Sandbox Mode offering full freedom to create the Los Angeles of your dreams with no expense spared! Every decision you make will set you on a different path giving different players varying outcomes.

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