The Atari VCS Releases Over a Dozen New Games This November

Today, Atari highlighted a number of new games now available on the all-new Atari VCS Videogame Computer System. November’s roster of freshly launched titles includes a mix of revived classic Atari 7800 games, popular indie smash-hits, and a handful of hidden gems just waiting to become your new favorite pastime.

Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the Mayan — Now Available

A true love letter to 8-bit adventure games, the challenging platformer will have you step into the safari boots of one Sydney Hunter, adventurer supreme, who by sheer luck manages to get trapped inside of a massive Mayan pyramid and must battle all manner of Maya-inspired bosses in order to find a way out.

Centipede: Recharged — Now Available

The original bug-blasting arcade game is back! Centipede: Recharged has been reimagined for modern gameplay, with vibrant visuals designed for modern screens, a 16:9 field of play, and an original soundtrack from award-winning video game composer Megan McDuffee. The Atari VCS version exclusively features 10 challenge levels.

Black Widow: Recharged — Now Available

The original cult classic arachnid-starring twin-stick shooter returns! Defend your spider web from an onslaught of bugs in this frenetic revival, all while jamming to an infectious original score by Megan McDuffee. Play solo or tag in a friend for local co-op across 30 unique challenges or the endless arcade mode. The Atari VCS version exclusively features 10 challenge levels.

Pedra Crystal Caves — Now Available

Together with a partner player or solo, you’ll need to immerse yourself in puzzle pandemonium if you wish to find your way out of the caves! Roll your Pedra block around the game area until you’ve painted the appropriate key tiles to unlock the exit. Going the extra mile is rewarded with Crystals that can be used to upgrade your block for even more intense puzzling action.

Atari VCS Flashback Fridays featuring Classic Retro Titles — Now Available

Atari recently launched the Atari VCS Flashback Fridays program, which introduces a mix of beloved and lesser-known classic games from Atari and others every Friday, starting at just $2.99. The program kicked off with a series of Atari 7800 games and will grow to include additional console, arcade, and PC games in their original formats. Find a list below of all of the currently-available classic “Flashback” games currently available in the Atari VCS Store:

  • Basketbrawl 7800
  • Desert Falcon 7800
  • Scrapyard Dog 7800
  • Ninja Golf 7800
  • Dark Chambers 7800
  • Motor Psycho 7800
  • Planet Smashers 7800
  • Food Fight 7800 (available 11/19/2021)
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