The Avori Henderson Journey – Interview

Colorado-based model and former pageant participant, Avori Henderson, is making major waves as a female trailblazer in the world of gaming. Not only has she made a name for herself as a professional gamer but she is also a pioneer for women in this male-dominated industry. Avori quickly gained a fan-base as she began to upload her gaming abilities online, leading her to run the first-ever all- Female PUBG Tournament that was professionally broadcasted. The tournament brought in 135,806 unique viewers, 166,342 live views, and 7,235 concurrent viewers. The tournament raised over $5,000 to charities including FredHutch and Children’s Miracle Network. As the host, creator, and director of the PUBG tournament, the gaming star has always felt especially passionate about encouraging and empowering women to embrace their love for gaming despite the stereotypes against females in the space.

Her ability to use her platform to give back has always been a priority with charities benefitting children being at the forefront of her efforts.  Since the start of this event, she has traveled all around the world promoting women in E-sports and competing in tournaments, including Sweden, France, San Diego, Los Angeles, and more. In Mexico City, she was the only female to be involved in the tournament, and guess what? Her team won! Since then, Avori has made the switch to Facebook gaming where she has gained over 170,000 followers in a few months of streaming on the platform. Prior to professionally gaming, Avori took home winning titles in the Miss America organization. Now, she continues to stream, create content, model and is a huge advocate for women in gaming. Please let us know your interest In speaking with Avori.

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