The Blind Prophet is 100% funded on Kickstarter!

We are happy to announce that The Blind Prophet – a hand-drawn Point & Click adventure game – passed 100% of the basic goal completion in the crowdfunding campaign! Almost 400 backers already decided to support this project after testing the free demo version, leaving maximum user ratings on both Gamejolt and


We are not over yet though! With 5 days still to go, we want to secure as many goals as possible. The main priority for us right now is to translate The Blind Prophet to as many languages as possible. Currently, we managed to start making 2 versions: English and French, but we would love to do a lot more than that. We try to achieve it as cost effective as possible, having talks with multiple translators and potential publishers. Since our backers demanded us to prepare additional options, we decided to expand our stretch goals with the following list:


There is one exciting piece of info left to be announced. We just managed to start developing The Blind Prophet on yet another platform. After a series of tests, we are ready to say officially that our game will be released on Android system too! We are thrilled to release more info about this version in the future, but in the meantime, we invite everyone to try out the latest build of the FREE demo on PC:

Are you still unsure if it’s a good idea to try it out? Watch ourKickstarter trailer to know what to expect:

The Blind Prophet features:

  • Traditional Point & Click mechanics,
  • Mind-bending puzzles,
  • A world full of charismatic characters, ready to talk and interact with,
  • Ethical choices which drive the narration,
  • Comic Art style cinematics,
  • A strong storyline about philosophy, redemption and moral struggle.

The Blind Prophet will be released on PC and MAC this year.Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Android and iOS versions will launch at a later date, as the game needs some reworking to fit these platforms. The speed of porting depends highly on the scale of the current Kickstarter campaign’s success.

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