The Casino Influence in Video Games

It’s no surprise that lots of industries borrow inspiration from each other. The casino industry has been a source of inspiration for a lot of films in the film industry. This industry is now enjoying its popularity online catering to the needs of millions of players.

There are lots of online casino sites brimming with casino games. Players can enjoy countless versions of poker, blackjack, roulette, or new slot games that come out almost every month. By visiting online casinos like Casimba players can enjoy loads of games and bonuses on offer.

The gaming industry is also thriving online and it’s no secret that there’s a bit of casino influence in some popular titles. Here are some of the ways the casino industry has influenced video games:

In-Game Games Inspired by Casino Ones

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is easily one of the best Star Wars games ever and one of the most influential RPGs. It is a game that lets the player decide how it’s going to end. This RPG has the classic character creation and skill point every RPG has and features an amazing story.

It also features a card game known as Pazaak. This card game is based on blackjack and you can play it with various NPCs in the game. The goal is to reach 20 with as low a score as possible. Pazaak cards come in different colors that add or subtract points to your final score. There are special cards that make the game interesting. They can be won by playing Pazaak or earned as rewards on quests.

The Setting Influence

There are lots of video game titles that feature casinos as separate levels or locations in the game. However, Fallout: New Vegas stands out as it features Sin City itself as the main setting. A post-apocalyptic Vegas and its casinos are out there waiting for you.

The player can visit them and enjoy some classic casino games. Various games feature various rewards which usually range from different kinds of items the player can use in the game to keys to luxury suites at those casinos. It seems the Vegas treatment doesn’t change even after an apocalyptic event.

Actual Casino Games Featured in Video Games

Video game developers haven’t shied away from developing video games that center on a single casino game. Titles like Prominence Poker and Poker Night are examples that titles like that can make good games.

Moreover, some game titles feature casino games that the player can use to acquire money or items in the game. This is the case with Red Dead Redemption 2 as it features poker as a playable game in lots of saloons. If the player is good then he/she will earn a lot of cash.

On the other hand, the player can always cheat and try and get away with it. If the player’s caught then the player should be ready for a gunfight. A ban from the casino seems light compared to fighting for your life after cheating in poker.

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