The Cute-pocalypse has begun! Zelter launches on Steam

The zombie apocalypse is upon us with the launch of Zelter on Steam today. Gather your tools and weapons to fight off the zombie hordes before you become human fodder in this colorful take on the end of the world from and G1 Playground. Available today from 10:00 PDT/13:00 ET/18:00 BST for $19.99USD (with a limited Early Access launch 10% discount) Zelter will challenge your scavenging, building, and combat skills as you fight to survive and thrive in an undead-infested world!

Zelter takes a pixelated art-style, adds a dash of atmosphere, and a touch of upbeat and sometimes creepy music, and mixes it all together for a post-zombie-apocalypse crafting and survival experience like no other. Use your skills to craft tools, start a farm, and head out into the world to scavenge supplies while saving lives. Zombies will come for you eventually — so prepare yourself and your home by readying your defenses and making sure your weapons are locked and loaded. After all — a zombie apocalypse is tough to overcome, even if it’s in a pixelated universe. But don’t lose hope — keep crafting and carry on!

Following successful crowdfunding campaigns, Zelter has amassed thousands of fans and is now ready to open up the game to Steam’s Early Access. During the Early Access period, the developers will continue to gather feedback from players and create community-driven content to expand and improve the Zelter experience!

Zelter Features:

  • Who Said Zombies Can’t Be Cute: The edgy phase had a good run, but there’s something special about blasting zombies in a colorful world. Featuring a pixelated 2D world with 3D physics Zelter is a game with a unique and appealing look that disguises a deadly world of undead and environmental dangers.
  • Turn Your Home Into a Fortress: Everyone needs a safe place to rest their heads after a tough day of blasting reanimated corpses back into the afterlife. In Zelter, players collect resources and craft items to build the ultimate zombie-proof homestead!
  • Build Your Dream Team: Rescue survivors and work together to hunt down valuable supplies and man the battlements — plus, it’s always good to have extra bait to distract the undead.
  • Arts and Crafts: Craft tools and weapons to master the “art” of zombie destruction! Venture out into the world to gather supplies, farm resources, and take your cadaver-crushing game to the next level!

Zelter is now available in Early Access on Steam!

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