The Cycle: Frontier Season 3 “Breakthrough” Launches with Flying Howler Monster, Enhanced Anti-Cheat Features, and More

The Cycle: Frontier’s third season, titled “Breakthrough,” is now available on Steam and the Epic Games Store. The new season brings a variety of enhancements to the game, including the introduction of the formidable flying Howler monster, advanced anti-cheat measures, changes to weapons, an overhauled campaign and tutorial, upgrades to Prospect Station, and the much-anticipated end of server wipes.

YAGER, the game’s developer, has emphasized the importance of anti-cheat measures in “Breakthrough.” To address this, the team has implemented innovative features such as the Victim Compensation System, which refunds items to players who were defeated by cheaters. Additionally, Shielded Matchmaking has been introduced to identify Trusted Status players and prevent cheaters from bypassing bans. These measures are supported by a range of third-party anti-cheat software, ensuring a fair gaming experience in The Cycle: Frontier.

With server wipes no longer a concern, YAGER has shifted its focus to rebalancing the game and economy for the long term. This rebalancing primarily affects endgame content for Prospectors, making high-end gear more valuable. Campaigns have also been revamped with new endgame questlines, with plans for future expansion.

Players can look forward to the introduction of MKII weapons in Season 3, which offer a higher-quality tier and more power than their predecessors. These weapons feature unique power levels and attachments but can only be found on Fortuna III’s surface, either looted from a stash or obtained from a defeated Prospector.

To make the game more accessible to newcomers, the tutorial system has been updated, and new players can now utilize pre-defined loadouts. Players who successfully evacuate with these loadouts during Free Loadout Runs can keep them for future use.

Prospect Station has undergone a significant redesign to create a more immersive environment. The new design features revamped buildings, a grittier atmosphere, and an increased number of NPCs engaging in daily activities.

Platforms: GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows

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