The Esports Awards is pleased to announce this year’s finalists for the creative categories which honour those who have inspired, crafted and captured the essence of the esports industry. This year finalists include the likes of 100 Thieves, Sneaky, AOE Creative and G2 Esports. The creative category has seen immense growth over the last couple of years with the community campaigning for more and more categories to be added. 

As the only annual ceremony that recognises excellence in esports and honour figures from all avenues of the industry, the Esports Awards has welcomed the addition of the new categories within the creative bracket. In the midst of the 2020 campaign, the Esports Awards introduced both the Esports Creative Team of the Year and Esports Content Piece of The Year cementing its goal of celebrating those who would otherwise go unrecognised.

The creative category now sits at seven awards which includes Esports Content Series of the Year, Esports Cosplay of the Year, Esports Creative Piece of the Year, Esports Content Team of the Year, Esports Videographer of the Year, Esports Photographer of the Year and Esports Creative/Creative Team of the Year.

The full list of 2020 Esports Awards Creative Category finalists are: 

Esports Content Series of the Year

  • 100 Thieves – the Heist
  • TSM Legends
  • Complexity Through the Smoke
  • Eavesdrop Podcast
  • The Story of (Score Esports)
  • G2 Voice Comms
  • Team Liquid the Squad
  • Chicago Huntsmen – The Hunt

Esports Cosplay of the Year

  • Peyton Cosplay
  • FusRoFran
  • Willow Creative
  • Sneaky
  • Glory Lamothe
  • Har_Fie
  • LittleJem
  • Lara Lunardi
  • Xenon Cosplay

Esports Creative Piece of the Year

  • Chasing the Dream – G2
  • FionnOnFire – Faker Piece
  • 100 Thieves Uno
  • LOL Cinematic Season Opening
  • Flyquest: Treequest / Seaquest
  • Dota 2 TI9 Truesight
  • Team Liquid Marvel Collaboration
  • Drink CTRL FaZe Clan

Esports Content Team of the Year

  • 100 Thieves
  • G2
  • 1UP Studios
  • Complexity
  • NRG
  • Faze Clan
  • Cloud 9
  • LEC

Esports Videographer of the Year

  • Sean Do – Complexity
  • Logan Dodson – 100 Thieves
  • Charles Dalton – G2 Esports
  • Pete Nguyen – Fnatic
  • Caroline Parker-Stark – 1UP & Team Liquid
  • Cassidy Sanders – Cloud9
  • Perra “akidos” Andersen – Dignitas
  • Julian Ramirez – NRG
  • Tuomo Väkevä – ENCE
  • Esteban Martinez – FGC

Esports Photographer of the Year

  • Eric Ananmalay
  • Rich Lock
  • Peter Chau
  • Helena Kristiansson
  • Kyle Miller
  • Stephanie Lindgren
  • Michal Konkol
  • Katy Eyre
  • Radosław Makuch
  • Logan Dodson
  • Nuno Miranda
  • Chris OTT

Esports Creative/Creative Team of the Year

  • Damian Estrada
  • AOE Creative
  • Paper Crowns
  • Popcorp
  • Euller Araujo
  • SesoHQ
  • Visuals by Impulse
  • Hugo Bonnamy
  • Roma Bib

Esports Awards

All the creative finalists were named during the 4th Spotlight Show of the year which was hosted by Gabriella ‘Le Tigress’ Devia-Allen, Thom ‘F.’ Badinger and Adam ‘Lawler’ Thornton. During the show they also announced Johnathan ‘Fatal1ty’ Wendel as the newest inductee for the Lifetime Achievement Award. Wendel reached his elite status as a pioneer in the competitive Quake scene where he won a total of twelve world championship titles. Wendel joins Daigo Umehara as the second member of the award which honours the leaders and legends of the esports industry.

“I am so happy to witness how the creative category has evolved and grown over the last couple of years. At the Esports Awards, we pride ourselves on listening to our community and providing a platform for the esports industry to continue to build its legacy. As we sit in our fifth year I couldn’t be more proud of the direction we are heading in, and look forward to the journey ahead of us.” said Michael Ashford, Managing Director, Esports Awards

The Esports Awards panel is made up of some of the most experienced individuals inside the esports industry. For 2020, the awards welcome 11 new panels members which included Director of Mobile Gaming at Complexity, Matt Rutledge, StarCraft II expert Enrique ‘Horuss’ Palimino, and Director of Product and Experience for BLAST, Nicolas Estrup.

Voting is now open for finalists in the Community, Industry and Creative categories. Nominations are still open for the remaining On-Air and Pro categories and will close in September.

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