The futuristic arenas are now open. Prove your worth and join the frag fest for epic duels! Telefrag VR launches today on PC VR and PS VR.

You know there’s no escape and you’ll face death sooner or later. True gladiators, however, never surrender without a fight. So, if you’re about to enter the arena, you may as well make sure that the time you spend there will be epic. Fight inside vast, surreal arenas, where you’ll witness duels of the century. Keep focused, as there’s no “safe” distance; nor are there places to hide. Death can come from any direction and in a matter of seconds. In this hyper dynamic VR experience, there’s only you, your reflexes and tons of laser beams, bolts of plasma, rockets and above all telefragging. Try to prepare for unpreparable!

The rules for gladiator fights have stayed the same. But the weaponry hasn’t. Discover the best ways of blowing away your enemies to eternity, and buy the game on Steam, the PlayStation store , or the Oculus Store for USD / EUR 24.99. Windows Mixed Reality support on Steam is also included. After your purchase, however, do yourself a favor: always stay vigilant and try not to get telefragged!

Anshar Studios has also prepared a special surprise for their loyal supporters who already own the game Detached. They will all get a coupon entitling them to a 50% discount on Telefrag VR. VR enthusiasts that already own SUPERHOT VR will also get same great discount!

Heard of the new, super cool 3dRudder foot motion controller and already excited about it? Then you’ll be happy to hear that you can use it when you play Telefrag VR, with both PC VR and PS VR headsets. Additionally, the game will also be supporting the AIM Controller and PS4 Pro soon.

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