The Key To Gaming Success In First-Person Shooter Games

As first-person shooter (FPS) games are rising in popularity, they are quickly becoming a firm favorite in the gaming industry. While FPS games are a thrilling experience for any gamer, the skills and knowledge to play these games successfully are never-ending. Whether you play it safe in regular modes or are a risky gamer going for gold in the hardcore modes, running around aimlessly won’t carry you on your way to victory. The FPS games are tactic-driven and strategic, here are just a few top tips for developing your FPS gaming strategy.

How difficulty settings can have an impact on your skills

With a range of different settings and modes to choose from, the difficulty settings are one that often slips up players in the long run. Although nobody wants to play anything too easy, starting at an easier setting to practice will give you the time to work on your skills and boost your knowledge within a game. As you begin to get to grips with your new FPS game, slowly increasing the levels will help you work your way up until you become a true pro in the game. Save yourself from jumping straight into the deep end, working your way up in difficulty will allow you to appreciate every level of the game and soon become an FPS expert!

The importance of familiarising yourself with the controls

One that may seem obvious to some, is to really take the time to familiarise yourself with the game controls. While every game requires different buttons to be pressed, an FPS game has no time for you to stall and check which buttons you need to be pressing. Even the slightest of delays can see you out of the game, so taking the time to get used to the game controls will eventually allow them to come to you like second nature. Failing to prepare is a huge downfall in any gaming strategy, so with the help of knowing your game controls perfectly, your FPS games will soon become a breeze.

Grasping the map of your favorite FPS games

Although your favorite FPS games can be tempting to jump right into the action, taking the time to get to know the map is one of the most important tactics in becoming an FPS gaming pro. Many iconic games in gaming history have been well known for their video gaming maps, therefore knowing your way around is vital. As map knowledge is critical in FPS games, it provides you with all the hotspots of the game. Knowing exactly where the power-ups and health packs are, where you restock your ammo, and, perhaps most importantly, where your enemy will respawn will ensure you have the right knowledge to achieve your victory. After all, if you know your way around the map of your game, what chance do your enemies have of catching you now?

Selecting the right weapon for both you and the mission

Equally as important is getting to know the weapons available to you. Testing out a few different ones will not do any harm in ensuring you are matched with your perfect weapon. Finding one that feels reliable and confident in use is vital to becoming a master of the FPS games. Trying out everything in your initial practice period will give you the time to familiarise yourself with the right weapon for you. It’s important to consider which mission you need to complete too. Sometimes, it’s not great to turn up in the middle of a ten-person gunfight with a weapon best for long-distance instead. The power of the weapon and rounds the gun holds are also crucial factors to consider too. By spending time devoted to getting used to the style of the weapon, and the time to honor your technique will provide you with the skill to overcome any enemy during your shootout.

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Knowing how best to tackle blind spots

Blindspots such as sharp corners or doors never fail to catch you out in any FPS game, but with the right tactics, you can successfully get around them. The key to approaching a blind spot is to turn your sound right up, and simply wait. Listening carefully for somebody moving around or approaching will help you to be fully prepared during the tense moments in your game. The way you approach blind spots can go two ways. Being cautious and quiet will save you from being caught out. However, once you’re ready and have examined the area, bursting straight in will give the enemy an element of surprise that just might benefit you.

Making the most of grenades in your game

Grenades are a great weapon to have in your arsenal and some of the best grenades in gaming used in the right moments can create a huge effect on your game and increase your chances of victory. While they are one of the most impactful weapons in any FPS game, be sure to only let one off when you’re 100% certain your team is behind you. One of the best times to opt for a grenade is at a time when several enemies in front of you have easy escape routes, surprising them by going out with a bang will keep them on their toes!

The key to knowing your targets and the best shots to take

When you’re confronted by your enemies, a first instinct can be to simply start firing without taking into account where you are shooting and who you are aiming at. Although it can be tempting to just go for the person closest to you, when possible by shooting the person facing you first, this will ensure you eliminate your enemies in the right order for your victory. While many gamers believe headshots are the key to battling with enemies, more often than not they are a miss. Starting at the sternum for accuracy before moving up to the head will increase your chances and help you to become a pro at battle.

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