Netmarble has launched a holiday-themed update for its popular mobile action role-playing game THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR in collaboration with Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.’s SOULCALIBUR VI to bring the two iconic fighting game franchises together.

Today’s collaboration brings two SOULCALIBUR mainstays to THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR roster, along with a plethora of events for players to unlock themed rewards, event coins, and more, all with a touch of holiday cheer.

The Athenian warring maiden Cassandra Alexandra has fought fiercely with her shield and sword and now enters a new arena as EX Cassandra (Yellow Element / Defense Type). Her Leader Skill increases ATK equal to DEF of [Soulcalibur VI] and decreases Active Skill Cooldown, while her Active Skills decrease Finish Skills Cooldown.

SOULCALIBUR’s legendary ninja Taki also brings her iconic dual-wielding swords to the fold with today’s update as EX Taki (Blue Element / Attack Type). Her quick strikes give her a Leader Skill that increases ATK and Critical DMG of [Extreme] Fighters. EX Taki is also marked by an increase in ATK and a decrease in DMG for a certain time upon tagging in.

Diverse in-game events such as Collection Room Event, Collab Dream Match, and Collab Rush Dungeon will be held and, for even more rewards, players can access the following with today’s update:

  • Collaboration Check-in: Players will receive [EX Aristocrat Catsuit Ivy] as a reward for logging in on the first day of the update to check-in. Additional collaboration rewards such as collaboration Event Coins and a collaboration Item Mystery Box can be obtained just by checking in to the game.
  • Collaboration Event Summon: Players can obtain various growth items including [EX War Maiden’s Costume Cassandra] using Event Coins.
  • Collaboration Boss Showdown: Clear the Challenge Level, SOULCALIBUR-exclusive Enhancement Hammer, and Event Coins can be earned.
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